The forest is the therapist, and the Guide opens the doors.

Nature and forest therapy guides benefit your practice in the following ways:


  • Slow Down. A guide keeps the appropriate slow pace for you so that you may simply be present in nature. Because we are so accustomed to our hurried lives, to suddenly 'slow down' becomes challenging for people. It is beneficial for you to let the guide lead you. Guides also help to shoulder your other worries such as keeping to a time schedule. Your focus will therefore simply be in the present moment.


  • Interact with nature. Many of us are unfamiliar with nature and we don't know how to interact with nature. On a guided session, a guide invites you to participate in nature connection activities (which are also called 'invitations'). These invitations are carefully crafted alongside forest bathing principles. With a guide, you do not have to worry about what to do in nature and you can fully unplug. 


  • Commune. On a guided session, sharing takes place in a safe space. Frequently, people benefit by listening deeply to others, and being heard by others if they choose to share. A precious social connection is built. 


  • Commitment. For various reasons, we simply are not able to commit to matters that we know we ought to be doing. This is normal, this is human. By having a guide, you are making a commitment to another person and to yourself, and could benefit you by getting you out there.


Like yoga, you can and you are encouraged to practice on your own. But having a guide to lead and facilitate your nature connection and forest bathing practice simply eases you into the zone for a full immersion in nature. 


You can look for certified nature and forest therapy guides through a worldwide locator map here