Nature is your therapist, the Guide opens the door.

All our nature connection programmes follow the principles of forest bathing. Through crafted invitational activities, your guide will help you slow down and support you in your connection with nature. 

We also continually design and organise new nature connection programmes with our partners. These unique and fun ways of connecting with nature aim to bring more people out to nature, to build and sustain loving relationships with nature. 

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forest bathing walks

Slow down and find your solace through a gentle guided forest bathing walk. At the end of the walk, enjoy a simple tea ceremony. Regular forest bathing aids you to feel relaxed, renewed and refreshed. We have different series of forest bathing experiences to suit your needs!   Learn More →


Immersion course

Five walks in five weeks and a solid foundation for a lifelong practice of forest bathing. Be equipped with a repertoire of sensory invitations which you will find useful in your future practice.   Learn More →

"fresh encounters" in nature

Encountering nature through fresh experiences.  Learn More →