Over a course of five weeks, you will be introduced to a good foundation for a lifelong practice of forest bathing. By the end of the five walks, you will be equipped with a repertoire of sensory invitations and other nature connective activities which you will find useful in your future practice. 

You should sign up for this course if:

  • you want to learn some skills that will enable you to slow down, be present and connect with nature;
  • you love the idea of being part of a small and cozy 'forest bathing circle' that will support you in your forest bathing journey;
  • you want to renew, rejuvenate, reset yourself through nature;
  • you want to feel the cumulative effects of forest bathing more profoundly through a period of consistent practice.

This course is suitable for everyone aged 15 and above. Newcomers to forest bathing are welcomed to join the course. 



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