Come out and encounter with nature in fresh ways, all based on the principles of forest therapy. 

In our Fresh Encounters series, we bring to you refreshing experiences to reconnect with nature. Come and know nature. She will partner and support you in so many ways. 


Water dreaming - nature connections & kayaking

Water Dreaming combines nature connection and kayaking into a mindful, sensuous experience, on water. Drifting with gentle waves, immersing in a symphony of rhythmic water gurgles, and noticing the lives that water support, you will find yourself easing into a zone of tranquility. You will be invited to connect with nature and water through gentle facilitation. Finding your harmony through a tea ceremony, witnessed by the setting sun and crimson sky, you leave renewed, having found your 'moon and stars'. This programme is crafted to be gentle, soothing and safe, and no pior experience in kayaking is required. Individuals, friends, couples and families are all welcomed! 

The Water Dreaming is a collaboration between Xiu Nature Connections and SplashAxis. 

forest bathing x yin yoga.jpg

TRUE NATURE: forest bathing  x  yin yoga

True Nature is a crossover project by Xiu Nature Connections and Yoga with Des to deliver to you a tranquil self-care experience.

In this 3-hour experience, you will be guided to explore and discover your relationships and connections with nature - outer and inner. Forest bathing takes you on a gentle and slow immersion in the nature around you, awakening all your senses and unfolding your personal stories that nature holds for you. Tuning in to your body, surrendering to your nature (in nature), Yin yoga awakens conversations with your body which may have been drowned out by urban hustling and bustling. A simple tea ceremony - a communing with nature, ends your gentle self-care experience, and we hope you have re-discovered the peace in your soul.


nature art sg

Nature Art SG is a hands-on and fun event bringing nature and art together! By slowing down and opening our senses to nature,  you will be amazed to witness and discover the 'treasures' that nature holds. Creating art with nature - lovingly, consciously and freely.