New to forest bathing? Or can't get enough of nature and forest bathing? Looking for a way to slow down and de-stress?

The gentle guided forest bathing walks will span over 2 - 2.5 hours. Sensory invitations are used to facilitate your slowing down in nature. They also facilitate your interactions with nature. 

A simple tea ceremony concludes your forest bathing practice. You have exhibited self-care and loved yourself by letting your mind relax, letting your heart renew, letting your body refresh. 

Our collection of regular forest bathing walks offers different experiences in Singapore. Connect with nature today.

wander and wonder

Wander & Wonder

In our "Wander & Wonder" series, we take you through an immersive experience in our beautiful gardens around our city-state. Wander mindfully in these safe alluring spaces, wonder at the wonders around us, and relax. And you may be surprised in finding yourself immersed in a new, mindful and serene threshold within our busy concrete jungle.



In our "foREST" series, we take you on a mindful journey through the lush, green, 'wilder' sides of Singapore. Meander under dense canopy, listen to nature songs, and immerse in the aroma of nature. And you may be surprised to find yourself transported along a journey of deep nature connection, tapping into nature's healing power and re-discovering yourself. 

This series is suitable for those who enjoy 'wilder' nature, walking on dirt trails, grass lawns and sometimes leaf litter grounds. Still, we always maintain the mindful and slow pace, and is not a hike or trekking experience.


BEING in Sunset

In our "BEING in Sunset" series, we take you through an incandescent experience. Focusing on our 'being' rather than 'doing', connecting with nature and her elements, you may feel called to make your sunset intentions as you witness the magic of the crimson sky. Amidst the darkening skies and twinkling city lights, be transported to a threshold between nature and man.