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Five Walks In Five Weeks: An Immersion

Over a course of five weeks, you will be introduced to a solid foundation for a lifelong practice of forest bathing. By the end of the five walks, you will be equipped with a repertoire of sensory invitations and other nature connective activities which you will find useful in your future practice. 

You should sign up for this course if:

  • you want to learn some skills that will enable you to slow down, be present and connect with nature;
  • you love the idea of being part of a small and cozy 'forest bathing circle' that will support you in your forest bathing journey;
  • you want to renew, rejuvenate, reset yourself through nature;
  • you want to feel the cumulative effects of forest bathing more profoundly through a period of consistent practice.

What is forest bathing?

The fast paced lifestyles that we are accustomed to in Singapore can cause a great deal of stress - physically, mentally and emotionally. Living in such a dynamic environment, most of us never have the luxury to consciously slow down and introspect, and are not aware of the accumulated pressure in our minds and bodies. Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, is a mindful and intentional immersion in nature. A gentle wellness practice, it is effective for de-stressing, calming and finding stillness. More than just a stroll in the park, forest bathing takes participants slowly and intentionally through nature. Science and research studies on forest bathing have quantified health benefits including improved mental clarity, increase body immune functions, increase production of anti-cancer proteins, lower stress levels, lower blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.



JUNE/JULY 2018:  16 June, 23 June, 30 June, 7 July, 14 July

Time & Duration of each walk: 8 m - 11 am, 3 hours

Fee: $270 per person

Locations of walks: Up to 4 different parks/gardens in Singapore. You will be informed of the exact locations/meeting points prior to the course start date.

Limited to 10 participants only.



  1. You do not have to be present for all five sessions, but you are highly recommended to be present for at least four sessions, as well as be present for the first and last session.

  2. Please take note that there are no refunds if you are unable to attend any of the five sessions.

  3. Please take note that name transfer for any of the five sessions are not allowed.


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